• What does an engineer do?

    Date: 2013.10.28 | Category: Degree in Engineering

    There are many jobs in the world that we all know about and could tell you someone who does that job, but we just do not know what it is they actually do.

    Engineering is one of these jobs. As the name suggests, we all assume it has something to do with engines, but apart from that, we could not accurately describe their job. Indeed, this assumption is far from the truth. There are many branches of the trade which cover nearly every aspect of our day to day lives.

    Automotive engineers are one of the first we would think about when the word first enters our head. They have designed and built your car from the initial paper concept, right through to the first time you drove it. They have planned every spark plug use and know how to maintain your engine to optimise performance.

    In the manufacturing industry the same term is used to describe anyone who works to control a certain piece of machinery. They are the master of their particular machine and can control it to perform task with a high degree of accuracy.

    There are engineers who specialise solely in electronics. They design, test and develop all kinds of electrical devices. From phones and laptops down to kettles and light switches.

    The civil branch focuses on creating the everyday aspects of the modern world, these include bridges, buildings and pretty much anything that has been designed for public use.

    The chemists work to create deodorant, anti-aging cream and make-up as well as trying to find a cure for cancer. All products that you will find in your local pharmacy or beauty shop will have been developed by a chemist of some sort.

    In general the job can be defined as anyone who has been trained and works to design, create or maintain products which has been developed from their scientific knowledge and using their skills to achieve the best results.

  • What happens if you get into debt whilst at univeristy studying for a degree in engineering?

    Date: 2013.10.01 | Category: Apply for Student Loan

    When you are heading off for university, there are certain things you will expect. The first few weeks will be the party you have always been promised that university life is. The lectures will come and go, you might even manage to attend some of them. Your accommodation will have numerous nuances that make it perfect for a student.

    Then there’s the debt that is even more likely. You will have spent the first two weeks going out every night and spending a lot of your money on one too many pints of snakebite and the dodgy kebab that you felt was the absolute meaning of life. At no point will you have considered looking at your bank balance, this is clearly something to do in the last term and only then if the cash machine declines your transaction.degree in engineering

    University life is marred by a general lack of funds for the whole population. Part-time jobs are great solutions and you will undoubtedly be able to find bar work without much fuss. Staking shelves is never below anyone and always a great way to not only top up the coppers, but get staff discount on your normal spend.

    Even taking on the extra responsibility of a part-time job, you will invariably still finish the year with a bank balance in the red, some temporary borrowing on credit cards and the prospect of the student loans to pay back in the near future.

    Being in debt isn’t the end of the world. You just have to make sure that you manage your financial circumstances well. Find your highest interest rate and make sure you pay that one back first. It is probably going to be a credit card, which is also the easiest to pay back.

    Stop buying frivalous items that you really don’t need and put your savings into paying off your bills. Then start your savings all over again, but this time, they will last.

    If you continue to struggle financially when you are at university studying your degree in engineering, then it is really worth considering looking into something called a ‘debt consolidation loan’. There is excellent advice and the chance to apply for yours at http://www.consolidationloancentre.co.uk. We really advise checking it out if you are struggling with your finances today.

  • What the most important things I need to learn in order to become an engineer?

    Date: 2013.09.04 | Category: Degree in Engineering

    There are a lot of kills and qualities you need to know before you become an effective engineer and even have a successful career. Engineering is dynamic course, so it needs people who can work across disciplines and continually adapt to new challenges. In preparation for this course, you should focus on developing different skills such as technical competence, communication skills, leadership skills and teamwork.

    Technical competence

    You should focus on having necessary technical skills and ability to perform your duties. Though, education in this field will offer you the foundation knowledge, you will be expected to constantly advance with technology and learn throughout your career.engineering

    Communication skills

    To be an effective engineer you must have the ability to communicate both orally and in writing. Focus on your writing skills, develop competency in your language and also build your public speaking skills. Remember, a good communicator has great influence and get noticed easily.

    Leadership skills

    Leadership does not mean just the position you are in, it is mainly about action. These leadership skills will mainly help you during project management. Therefore, you will be required to plan, delegate, set priorities, influence people and make decision. Ensure that you get involved in school, civic, professional or church group as a volunteer.


    For you to be an effective person, you are expected to have the ability to work in a team environment. To work as a volunteer will enable you gain experience of team work. This career requires you to come up with answers. Therefore, you need the ability to think, look into problems or issues and come up with appropriate solution. Successful people in the course are able to think critically, analyse options and come up with the best solutions to the problems.

    Considering the above traits, you should also demonstrate an aptitude for science, math and logical thinking. You should try to be logical, good planner, careful, creative and mildly obsessive to increase your effectiveness in the field.